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4x4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Military Police Vehicle Gasoline

1 pc
3-4 Pieces / US $40,000 | 5-9 Pieces / US $21,999 | 10+ Pieces / US $19,999
4x4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Military Police Vehicle Gasoline
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Model NO.: CX21LYX27
Drive Wheel: 4×4
Engine Capacity: 4-6L
Seats: 2
Tire Certification: ISO, DOT
Tire Design: Tubeless
Dumping Type: Front Lifting Style
Condition: New
Trademark: CXXM
Transport Package: Standard Export Packing
Specification: 4892x2470x730mm
Origin: China
Port: Xiamen, China
After-sales Service: 3
Warranty: 3
Transmission Type: Automatic
Power: Gasoline
Load Capacity: 11-20t
Emission Standard: Euro 2
High Light:

cxxm 4x4 Military Police Vehicle


10 wheels used dump truck tipper


Military Police Vehicle Gasoline

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: cxxm
Model Number: CX21LYX27
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 1 pcs in a carton
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5000
Product Description

4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army  Truck  For Military

Anti-riot water cannon vehicle is a new generation of anti-riot special vehicle of our company. It has perfect functions of anti-riot and self-protection which make it to be the first choice for dispersing rioters without causing permanent bodily harm. This vehicle has been listed in the vehicle production catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China. And it has been equipped in the department of armed police all over China and been exported to overseas area.


2. Introduction of the chassis:
HOWO vehicle chassis is the newest production of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp., Ltd which leading the national heavy duty truck industry in technology, comfort and human oriented design. The advantages of this chassis are as follows:
2.1. Air suspension damping device in cabin: Adopt national original creation, world top-level four point full-floating air suspension damping device which has the best damping at any road conditions.
2.2. Driving comfort: diving cab is luxury and comfortable. The steering wheel is made of plastic material. It has a good hand feeling and can be adjusted up and down. Driving comfort and human fatigue resistance index is evaluated to be the highest and have reach international standard by domestic experts.
2.3. Rearview mirror: According to compared design with foreign advanced vehicle type, the big rearview mirror, right side road mirror and front mirror have a broad vision which makes the driver master the driving situation thoroughly.
2.4. Air-conditioning: The air-conditioning equips with electrical control device can adjust temperature automatically.
2.5. Side tumbling stability: To the extent permitted by regulations, wheel-center-distance of the front and rear axles have been broadened which effectively improve anti-roll ability of vehicle.
2.6. Two stage air filter system: It effectively decreases the wear of engine and makes the overhaul mileage of engine to be 800000 miles especially under bad working conditions
2.7. Power:Adopt 213kw engine which has a powerful drive among the similar serial vehicle type.
2.8. Transmission:Choose nine-shift ZF belt synchronizer transmission. Among the similar type chassis, it's convenient to change shift and good for ride of the whole power transfer and can raise the lifetime of power system effectively.
2.9. Noise:Original created noise elimination system makes the elimination effect reach to the standard of international top-level heavy duty truck.


Item Customer's need Long-head(See pictures Note Flat-head(See pictures Note
in Attachment 1) in Attachment 2)
Vehicle load capacity 4000 kg to 6500 kg 4000kg(off-road)   3700kg(off-road)  
6500kg(highway) 6000kg(highway)
Gross weight 12300kg 12500kg   12100kg  
Traction 4x4 4x4   4x4  
Engine Euro II / III China Standard III   China Standard III  
Type diesel, turbo diesel,trubocharge   diesel,trubocharge  
Power 176kW(hp)(240) 154kw 210hp B210 33 154kw B210 33
Rated power (net) kw (hp) 165 (225) 150kw 205hp   150kw  
Rotation 2200 rpm 2500rpm   2500rpm  
Maximum torque Nm(kgfm)912(93) 700N.m   700N.m  
Displacement 11.085CC 5900cc   5900cc  
Gearbox Model 152 Speed number 10 Shao gear, six gears 135 Shao gear, six gears  
Control mechanical mechanical   mechanical  
Low / high gears 7.82 / 0.815 2.41/1.348   2.41/1.348  
Brake Front / rear- disc Front / rear drum-type   Front / rear drum-type  
Tire size 425/85 R21 or 390/95 R20 adjustment 12.5R20   12.5R20  
Length / width / height 4892x2470x730mm 4892x2470x730mm   4892x2470x730mm  
Maximum speed 90 km / h 90 km / h   90 km / h  
Maximum gradability 60%(31°) 60%(31°)   60%(31°)  
Ground clearance 385mm 315mm   315mm  

3. Anti-riot system:
3.1. Water power system:
1. Water cannon: 2 DC electrical controlled anti-riot water cannons
Max. range:70m
Effective range:40m
Shooting style:Continuous and pulse spray
Medium:Dye coloring, gas solution, clean water
Control style:Remote electrical control
1)The water cannon can continuous and pulse spray. Through shooting dye coloring and gas solution it can disperse long distance rioters. Its function index is at the leading level among international counterparts
2) The main body of the water cannon is developed by our company and famous water power experts of our country and has this independent intellectual property; Barrel and nozzle of the water cannon are designed and produced by designated specialized manufacturer of the USA. Well known brand both at home and abroad are adopted as key components.
3)A Cannon light is installed on barrel for achieving all-weather combat,
Shooting water at 70m Push down oil can in the effective range
2. Water pump:Adopt a special high quality and large capacity water pump which is used in domestic aerospace. It has a high efficiency, little volume and light weight
Operation points of the system are strictly calculated and tested to make sure the system works steadily; the monitor index is clear and ensure that the functions of water cannon are credible and steady
3. Water tank:It is made from electrolytic piece of high anti-corrosion. Its inwall is painted by epoxy zinc-rich waterproof paint which is used for ships.
The standard capacity of water tank is 10T which can meet the need of riot spot.
Special equipment is installed inside the water tank to decrease the shock caused by water during driving
It has a roof window, make it convenient for maintenance
Overflow port, air-emission port and electronic water level meter are installed on the water tank.
Intake and outlet valves with filter net are installed on the water tank.
Filling water style: linked to the fire hydrant or use water pump.
4. Electromagnetic induction liquid level gauge:The electromagnetic induction liquid level gauge is independently developed by our company and it has the characters of anti-corrosion, high accuracy, quick response and good reliability.
5. Valve: Adopt strengthened industry valve with enhanced seal device and level sensor to guarantee water cannon work steadily.
3.2 Gas solution, dye coloring: Through adding the rate blend system to the hydraulic anti-riot system, dye coloring and gas solution can be added into water with a precise rate. Then it can create a powerful gas mist or colorful mist which could rapidly disperse the rioters. The rate blend system is composed of rate blender, control valves and additive tank
1)Rate blend system which is based on assimilating similar products at home and abroad is independently developed and professionally produced. It has a steady blend rate and a good sealing performance.
2)According to the practical needs on spot, remote control device in the operation cab can choose suitable medium which can greatly improve the efficiency and the handling ability of the water cannon vehicle
3) Additive tank: Three 100L stainless steel tank are each filled with dye coloring, CS tear gas and B type foam solution. The tear gas tank has an auto-seal switch which can prevent the solution from volatilizing
3.3 Hydraulic shovel: A V-shape hydraulic shovel is installed in front of the vehicle; it can effectively remove the obstacle on the road
1) The shovel is designed of light weight, it can remove more than 1000kg obstacles.
2)Hydraulic shovel can move up and down and adjust its height according to the practical situation
3)The shovel is remote controlled by the driver

4. Self-protection system
4.1. Spraying protection system:There are 10 high pressure sprayers around the vehicle body which can spray clean water, tear gas mixture solution. The tear gas mist can effectively disperse the rioters who approach to the vehicle.
4.2. Self-extinguishing protection: There are 12 sprayers on top and bottom of the vehicle. The vehicle can do the self-extinguishing through spraying clean water and foam solution in order to prevent the damage caused by gasoline bottle.
4.3. Tear gas mist protection: Remote controlled tear gas shells are mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle. They can effectively prevent the rioters from getting close to the vehicle and protect the vehicle leave the riot spot safely
4.4. Protection nets of the glasses and lights:Glasses of the vehicle windows and the vehicle lights should be protected by the steel nets. The protection net of the front windshield is of integral turnover type. Its tilting movement and positioning is remote controlled by the hydraulic driving cab.

4.5. Gas mask:Equip with 4 sets military gas mask which are used for self-protection when spray gas solution on the riot spot to protect the security of the combat members.
5. Control system:
5.1 Control board of water cannon: Configure water cannon control table to control the direction and shooting of the water cannon. The control table is placed on the dashboard which is in front of the seat of co-driver and it is controlled by the co-driver. Position of the cannons can be accurately displayed in the monitor installed on the control table. The shooting angle is accurately controlled by the control joystick to ensure accurate shooting. Water monitor and water pressure meter are installed on the control table to monitor the working status of water system.
5.2 Centralized control system:All the equipments on vehicle are electrical remote controlled. The control system is composed of Siemens PLC, touching screen, related control program and control elements. Its functions are credible and operations are convenient
1)The control system is designed by modularized structure. It has a clear lines and a reasonable layout. Maintenance is convenient.
2)The logic relations among these equipments are controlled by software programs. This will save plentiful relays, simplify the lines and improve the reliability of the system.
3)Water level and other liquid level can be displayed in the touching screen. When one of the levels is below the alert position, the system will warn and display the warn tank in the touching screen
4)Working condition of water cannon and other spray system are controlled by PLC
5)Alternation among the functions of the water cannon and other spray system are realized by the PLC.
6. Warning system
6.1 Alarm and warning light: Cylindrical two-tone flash warning lamps are installed on the front and rear top of the vehicle. Split type alarm, two 150w loudspeakers.
6.2 Appearance spraying:Spray and paste police badges according to 2004 type police vehicle.
7. Auxiliary system(selectable system)
7.1 Broadcasting system: Equip with DVD player,use the power amplifier and loudspeaker of the alarm can speak to outside and play the disc. DVD mode: JVC KD-DV4388.

7.2 Monitoring system: Consists of SONY FCB-EX1000P35*optical zooming camera, YAAN YA4512 camera shield with wiper, YAAN YA2030 control keyboard,OM1701B foldable LCD and Dahua DH-BAV1202S hardware video recorder(with 250G hard disk)etc. It can monitor the spot at 360° without any dead zone. The system can display the image of the spot on the LCD and store the video in the hard disk.
7.3 Power-supply system:Power-supply system which is composed of battery and sine wave inverter provide power for vehicle equipments.
8. Accessories in vehicle:
Besides vehicle maintenance tools, water cannon vehicle add the following special tools and equipments:
1,4 suction pipes: 2m/piece; 2,one water filter:
3,one crescent fire fighting wrench: 4,one set of hose: DN65;
5,one set of fire fighting conjunction; 6,one fire hydrant wrench:
7,4 military gas masks; 8,1 barrel of gas solution;
9,4 electric ignition CS combustion type tear gas shells
10, one vehicle specification(maintenance manual involved); one chassis specification; certification of vehicle and chassis; one chassis maintenance manual; Specification of vehicle and related equipment.

Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military

Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military

Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military

Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military
Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for MilitaryHot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military




Q1:Can we get the sample for reference?
A1:We are glad to send samples for your inspection if we have the same or similar samples in hand. To new customer, you may need to pay the sample(depends on product's value) and the express fees.When you place the order to us , we will refund you .
And if you want us to make the same sample as you required , which you may need to send us the original sample and the sampling charge, when you place a order of bulk production , we will refund this charge to you.

Q2:How long will be my goods ready for shipment ?
A2:Different specification products with different quantity ordered, the time of delivery is different, .As usual, it will take 15-25 work days.

Q3:Do need to apply Permit to export Military, police and tactical items from China?
A3:Yes. There is strict law and regulation by Chinese government for the exporting of Military , police and tactical items. Only China Xinxing could issue the permit for the legal shipment.

Q4: What is your terms of payment?
A4:T/T or L/C at sight.

Q5: How to solve the quality problems after sales?
A5:(1) Take photos of the problems and send to us.
(2) Take videos of the problems and send to us.
(3) Send back the defective products to us if neccessory.
After we comfirm the problems, will give you the answer within 7 days.

Q6: Can we make our logo on the products?
A6: Yes. We can do logo as your requirement as well as your design project.And we also accept custom service.
Hot Sale Good Quality 4*4 10 Wheels Used Dump Truck Tipper Army Truck for Military

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