CHINA XINXING participated in the 135th Canton Fair and achieved complete success

May 8, 2024
Latest company news about CHINA XINXING participated in the 135th Canton Fair and achieved complete success

China Xinxing participated in the 135th Canton Fair held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5, 2024.

As a supplier that participated in the three exhibitions, Xinxing has strong strength. We are deeply involved in the international military supplies and logistics equipment market, and provide customers with multi-service, all-weather, customized comprehensive services and solutions.



In the three exhibitions, we displayed products with different themes.

In the first phase, we displayed vehicles: all-terrain amphibious vehicles, protected logistics support vehicles, protected police assault vehicles, unmanned target vehicles, personnel carriers, etc. By customizing and adjusting the chassis, we can adapt it to a variety of combat terrains, making it one of the most versatile all-terrain vehicles of its class on the market. Our protective police assault vehicles are powerful and elegant in appearance, practical and reliable. The bullet-proof surfaces around the vehicle body are designed with angles and are equipped with customizable bulletproof glass, which reduces the damage caused by bullets to the vehicle body and enhances the vehicle body's protective capabilities. The protection capability reaches EN1522 FB6 level. The vehicle is required to have excellent maneuverability, controllability, smoothness, good safety, reliability, maintainability, excellent battlefield adaptability, good safety adaptability, and can be adapted to all regions. , all-weather combat requirements.

In the second issue we showcased outdoor products. The group company has 54 factories, including a full range of tactical equipment and hunting equipment. The products include hats, clothing, tactical vests, tactical backpacks, hiking boots, military boots, tents, sleeping bags, camp beds, etc. Not only are we in stock and can be shipped immediately, but we also support OEM customization services. Military-grade quality and affordable prices keep customers satisfied with our products.

In the third issue, we displayed a full range of military and police logistics equipment and supplies. Bulletproof series products, police anti-riot series products, clothing boots, etc. are also our advantageous products. We have flexible customized services, professional production equipment, and many years of export experience. There are also molds for many products, which eliminate the need to open molds, saving costs and time.

The exhibition attracted many buyers of military and police supplies, and they conducted in-depth and constructive negotiations during the exhibition. Our sales team negotiated with important buyers from Europe, Africa and South America and promoted our main products, including bulletproof, military clothing, backpacking gear, anti-riot products, etc.

We achieved a complete success in this Canton Fair and sold an order of 1,000 units on the spot at the exhibition. After the exhibition, many customers were invited to visit our factory to confirm orders and product details.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are committed to strict quality control and in-depth understanding of customer needs, ensuring that every delivery meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction. China Emerging Group was established in 1984 and was originally affiliated with the PLC Logistics Department. Over the past 40 years, we have provided professional services and products to customers around the world, and our status as a state-owned enterprise gives us unparalleled advantages in capital, logistics and other aspects. We look forward to cooperating with more customers.